Dometic SEITZ AirQuad
Dometic AirQuad
Product overview

AirQuad – the new patented ventilation system

Power for ventilation or air conditioning systems is precious and costly, but the wind blows free of charge. Dometic AirQuad captures more wind than any other roof hood, creates a pleasant flow of fresh air and directs it into the vehicle. The direction of the wind is irrelevant for this new model. Its success lies in the new type of patented flow guiding element, which is built into a glass dome. This is adjustable by height so you can regulate the air intake. AirQuad lets you enjoy active ventilation and passive cooling with absolutely no energy costs. An effective alternative to hinged roof windows and a useful addition to your air conditioning system.

Dometic AirQuad
  • Inner frame with blackout and fly screen, variably adjustable
  • Easy to use with handles
  • Five positions (to the front, rear, left, right or up)
  • Maximum adjustable height: 80 mm
  • Forced ventilation
  • Double acrylic glazing
  • Designed for standard roof sizes of 400 mm x 400 mm
  • For roof thicknesses of 23 to 60 mm

Highly-efficient ventilation system without power
The air outside is “gathered” from all sides and directed into the vehicle via the patented air flow guiding element. This creates a pleasant, cool indirect air flow. The amount of air can be regulated by adjusting the height of the glass dome.