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An easy start when it’s frosty out – DEFA SafeStart

The working principle of DEFA SafeStart is simple: cooling water or oil (in case of air-cooled engines) is preheated by means of a vehicle-specific inserted module. The benefits are: easier starting, less wear on the engine, reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Did you know that your catalytic converter doesn't work when you start the car from cold? In fact, it won't work until engine is warm. If you let DEFA SafeStart preheat the engine before you set off, you will save yourself and your neighbours a great deal of harmful emissions.


DEFA SafeStart
engine heater (example)
 DEFA SafeStart

DEFA SafeStart
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DEFA SafeStart
  • Easier engine starting
  • Reduced initial fuel consumption
  • Up to 80% less exhaust gas emission
  • Less wear on the engine – longer service life
  • A cleaner environment around your home


Comfortable DEFA engine preheating is also available for your vehicle. Follow this link to find the heating element to fit the engine of your vehicle!